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Paris Days 1-3: Walking around Paris

Kim looking at the padlocks secured to the bridge railing. They're put there by lovers as part of a new Parisian fad. We are off to Paris again! My girlfriend Kim and I are off to the city of lovers for two weeks. This entry covers our flight over and how we spent our first full day in the grand city. Click to read more!

DADT Poll detractors can’t do basic math

It wasn’t long after the release of the Pentagon report on repealing DADT before those opposed to repealing DADT were out with their right-wing talking points about how the soldiers “actually” don’t want the law repealed. It even comes from a “law firm” so they must have gotten their facts right, right? Wrong.

Spain 2010 – Day 9: Lugo & Santiago de Compostela

Many of the restaurants in Santiago had displays out front showing the quality of their meat and seafood selections. This is the display at the place where I had the octopus. Greetings and welcome to day 9! We’re heading into the twilight of my journey through Spain, but there’s still plenty yet to see. Today we make a stop in Lugo on our way to Santiago de Compostela. Lugo is the home of one of the finest and best preserved Roman walls in all of Europe. Santiago is the final destination of the Way to St. James pilgrimage. Let’s see what Spain has in store for us today!

Spain 2010 – Day 8: Comillas and Oviedo

A wedding! We were just exiting our tour of the church when we heard the bagpipes start up. Naturally, I abandoned the group and rushed over to see what all the commotion was about. What a beautiful young Spanish couple, eh? Day 8 is spent mostly traveling on the bus getting from Santillana del Mar to Oviedo on our way to Santiago de Compostela. However, we do make a couple stop in some historic and scenic towns and then do a tour of Oviedo where we’re spending the night. Come see the pretty pictures!

Spain 2010 – Day 7: Picos de Europa

The craggy peaks of Picos de Europa as seen from the upper cable-car station. We’re up to day 7! Today we pile onto the bus just outside of Santillana del Mar (unapproved vehicles aren’t allowed in the village proper) and head up the mountain to see the Picos de Europa (aka the Peaks of Europe). We’ll ride up the mountain in a cable car, lunch in a quaint little village, and visit a church that holds a piece of Christ’s cross.

Spain 2010 – Day 6: Bilbao

A courtyard in the rear of the Guggenheim Bilbao It’s day 6! We are now midway through our visit to northern Spain. Today we visit the industrial city of Bilbao and the instantly world famous Guggenheim Bilbao museum. We’ll also spend some time in the old town part of Bilbao. Afterwards, we’ll visit some of the oldest and most fantastic cave paintings in all of Europe (don’t get too excited as NO pictures were allowed). Onward!

Spain 2010 – Day 5: San Sebastian

"Pieta" by Jorge Oteiza José Ramón Anda hanging outside San Vincente church in San Sebastian Bienvenidos to my 5th full day in Spain! Today we are touring the wonderful city of San Sebastian. This city is right on the coast and is well known for its beaches and its Basque culture. Naturally, I didn’t spend ANY time on the beaches or hanging out with Basque folk. Nevertheless, there were quite a few interesting sights to take in, so tune in and let’s see what San Sebastian has to offer!

Spain 2010 – Day 4: Pamplona

A statue dedicated to the running of the bulls, known as 'Encierro' to the locals in Pamplona Is it Day 4 already? Time flies when you’re having fun! Today we leave Zaragoza and head for Pamplona, the site of the world-famous running of the bulls. After we tour the city and have lunch, it’s on to San Sebastian. Let’s see what wonderful sights are in store for today…

Spain 2010 – Day 3: Zaragoza

These dancers came out and performed several songs. I imagine missing a strike with those sticks could be pretty painful. Bienvenidos to Day 2 of my Spain trip! Today we drove out of Barcelona and headed towards the monastery of Montserrat. Afterwards, we headed towards the scenic city of Zaragoza. We spent a lot of time on the bus today, but still got to see some really cool stuff!

Spain 2010 – Days 0, 1, & 2: Barcelona

Flamenco woman striking a pose. Welcome to my Spain 2010 Blog! This year I am traveling with my mother to the wonderful country of Spain. We’ll be touring the northern region of Spain including Catalan and Basque country. Seeing as how I am of Basque decent, I’m pretty excited to learn more about the culture! Anyway, let’s dive right in…

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