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There ARE No Atheists in Foxholes

One of my favorite arguments against atheism is, “there are no atheists in foxholes.” Well, duh. Of course there are no atheists in foxholes!* That doesn’t mean that atheism is wrong. It just illustrates that, even with the best of intentions, we are all occasional victims of our own fears and insecurities.

What Faith Means to Me

In my college days, I was required to take at least one course in religious studies. Seeing as how I was attending a (loosely affiliated) Presbyterian school, my choices were Old Testament, and New Testament. I chose Old Testament. I figured the violence and sex (Song of Solomon) would make it more interesting. It wasn’t very interesting in the end, but I did take away a very important lesson about faith.

Why I Am an Atheist

Why I am an atheist basically goes back to the core question of the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Unless you’re Deep Thought, the answer to the question isn’t simple. This whole section is here so that I can slowly piece my thoughts together and maybe someday convey a cohesive image of what […]

Paris Day 11 – D’Orsay and the Gay Pride Parade

This reveler was WAY tall. Quite the costume too. Today we visited the Musee D’Orsay and then attended the Paris Gay Pride Parade. The museum was a bit of a letdown (more details on that in a moment), but the parade was something else. Paris is a very gay city! Lots and lots of pictures to see so let’s get going.

We got a late start in the morning, but I figured with the parade in the early evening, we’d still have plenty of time to visit the Museum. We got there and the line was a mile long. We were discouraged, but figured that waiting in line was our best option as any other museum would likely take just as long to get to.

Paris Day 10 – Giverny

Now here's a really pretty picture of the lily pond. Someone should paint it... Ah, the French countryside. Today we leave the hustle and bustle of Paris and board a train for Giverny. Giverny is a quiet little village (if you don’t count the tourists) where Claude Monet once resided and is also the site of many of the inspirations for his paintings. It’s going to be a calm (except for the tourists) and beautiful day. Come along!

Paris Day 9 – Morts, Macy, & Monuments

A wall of skulls and bones in the pale light of our LED lamps. Alright, the third time is the charm, right? Today, we make our third attempt to visit the catacombs. This time we’ll arrive before the attraction opens, and hopefully the lines won’t be too long. Afterwards, we head over to check out the Eiffel Tower, a required visit for any tourist in Paris! Oh, and we also run into a famous celebrity in the streets…

Paris Day 8 – Sacre Coeur and Sex Shops

One of the few non-explicit works of art in the Musée de l'Erotisme. Today we head up to the basilica summit in Montmartre to check out Sacre Coeur and the artist square, then we head down into Pigalle to check out the seedy sex shops and the Museum of Erotic Art. Yes, I took pictures…

Paris Day 7 – Fête de la Musique

Kim and I posing together in front of a fountain. Today we walk some more of Paris (always with the walking!), attempt to visit the Catacombs (we fail – again), and then attend Fête de la Musique which is a summer solstice event where there’s live music on every street corner in Paris. We’ll have a grand time! Come along!

Paris Days 5-6: Emergencies, Busted Knees, and L’Orangerie

One of the many really cool steam punk style sculptures and art in one of the galleries around Place des Vosges. It's Captain America! Catchy title eh? Well plenty went down during these two days of our trip. Well laid plans were turned to dirt and much needed knees were badly hurt. Still, after it all, we managed to have a grand old time. Read on to find out what happened!

Paris–Day 4: The Pompidou

This photo isn't out of focus, the painting is. It literally hurts your eyes to look at. Fascinating... Today we’re off to the Pompidou: a fantastic modern art museum where the building itself is a work of industrial art. Come with us and see what weird and fantastic things we discover!

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