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Paris 09

Paris 2009 – Day 2

Basilique du Sacré Cœur from downhill Welcome to Day 2 of my return to Paris. Today we go up the Montmartre butte, which is the highest point in Paris and where the Basilique du Sacré Cœur sits. The church is one of the most identifiable landmarks in the Paris landscape and easily seen from any unobstructed vantage point. Up there we’ll visit the Dali museum and check out the sights around the church.

Paris 2009 – Day 1

The Lion of Belfort statue Welcome to the first day of my 2009 trip to Paris! Technically, this is the third day, but the first two were spent flying and sleeping. I had a ‘lovely’ 7 hour layover in Dusseldorf on the way over and didn’t make it into Paris until late afternoon the day after I flew out of Boise. Click to read more of my first day back in Paris!