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Greece – Day 9

Welcome to Day 9 of my trip through Greece! Today is fairly light on historical sites and heavy on travel. The one stop we did make was in Lefkáda to visit the island of Skorpios where Aristotle Onassis built his famous private retreat. There were still plenty of pretty pictures, so come and take a look!

Here is a picture of our bus driver Christos. He was a quiet man, but very friendly. As has been the case with our previous tours, the bus driver was excellent. I can’t imagine trying to navigate the crazy traffic of Athens, the windy mountains of Greece, or the narrow passages of the tiny villages. Christos did it with aplomb.
We started off the day by leaving the island of Corfu on the ferry. Similar to the ferry ride out, the trip was comfortable and pleasant. I took the opportunity to work on the blog as we navigated the waters of Greece.
On our way to the island of Skorpios, we stopped in the nearby town of Lefkáda for lunch. The scenery was beautiful. There was a shore down the stairs from the restaurant where we could see clearly through the blue waters. My mother spotted a large jellyfish swimming by and snapped a picture of it.
Bugs! One of the hazards of dining in beautiful Greece with pretty flowers and other foliage near open-air restaurants is bugs. Flies, bees, and wasps are a regular occurrence near the dinner table with flies being the most common by far. At Lefkáda, a large wasp the size of my thumb decided to buzz around and pay us a visit. I really despised all the bugs (especially the flies) but the Greeks seemed to pay them no mind.
If it weren’t for the beautiful views, lunch in Lefkáda would’ve been a disaster. In addition to the swarming giant wasps, we were served an awful plate of grilled swordfish. Knowing how expensive swordfish is, it seemed a waste not to eat it, but it was extremely fishy tasting and drowning in a horrible white wine sauce. This was definitely the culinary low point of my trip. I think I would like to try swordfish again sometime when it is fresh and better prepared. Fortunately, there is always Mythos; the lovely Greek beer. It is truly tasty and I try to enjoy one with every lunch.

After lunch, we boarded the Nidri Star I for a short trip around the island of Skorpios. Skorpios was sold to Aristotle Onassis by the Greek government and he proceeded to turn it into a private resort. This boat ride seemed to me to be the Greek version of a “Homes of the Stars” bus tour in Hollywood. To that effect, it was distasteful, but I did enjoy the boat ride.
I called the boat ride distasteful, yet I still took pictures and posted them on the blog. Go figure. The first is of the beach where Jackie O was photographed topless. The second picture is of a boat port on the island. The third is of the helicopter pad that Onassis used to carry his friends to and from the island during holiday visits.
After the boat trip, we drove south until we crossed the new suspension bridge over the narrows to Porto Río on the Peloponnese. Here we stayed at the best hotel so far on the trip – Hotel Achaia. It wins this distinction in my mind because the accommodations and views are just as good as the other hotels AND it has multiple outlets in each room and FREE internet. The halls were lined with wireless routers. I was in heaven! It’s too bad we’ll only be here two nights. Dinner was the usual buffet fare – passable.

I’m bushed! I wasn’t very active today, but all the bus and ferry travel sapped my energy right away. I crashed after dinner. I couldn’t even muster the energy to join the others for an after dinner drink. For shame! Tomorrow we head to the ancient site of Olympia and the original Olympic games. This should be interesting, so tune in!

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