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Greece – Day 1

Hello and welcome to my Greece trip blog! I try to go on a European trip once every year and this year I chose Greece! This time, I am traveling with my mother on a Go-Ahead tour. Won’t you tag along and see where my adventures take me?

I started off my trip by flying to Denver with plans to stay over the night and hop on the flight to Greece the next morning. As fortune would have it, my bag did not appear on the carousel with the other bags after I arrived. We waited 45 minutes to no avail. After consulting the bag agent, she informed us that the bags had not even ben unloaded from our flight. We had to go to a basketball game, so she offered to send the bag to our hotel room. I was very leary, but agreed, despite my mother’s protests.

Anyway, while I was in Denver, my Mom and I decided to grab some dinner downtown and go to a Denver Nuggets versus Los Angeles Lakers basketball game. Dinner was at Earl’s Glenarm Restaurant? on 16th street. The décor was nice and the menu was… eclectic. They had traditional hamburgers and steaks, Italian, Chinese, Indian, and a mix of other cuisines. I had some curry and my mother enjoyed a seafood linguine medley. For a mish-mash menu, the food was actually really good. img_4879.jpg
Curry and linguine in Denver

My mom purchased Denver Nuggets shirts for both of us to wear to the game – yay.

Cheer Ultimate Eifell Tower
Flaming hot chicks
Our seats were in the corner near one of the goal lines. It was difficult to see much of the game as there were a lot of bodies in floor seats in the way. I had to hold the camera way over my head to get a decent shot of the action on the court. However, the best action was off the court! We were sitting near the alleyway where all the event organizers, servers, entertainers, dancers, and cheerleaders were congregating in preparation for their next duty. I got to overhear and watch a lot of interesting exchanges behind the scenes that make the game itself fun for the crowd.
Hot chicks! Here’s some of the “side-entertainment” I captured on film during the game. I captured way more shots of pretty girls than I did of basketball action. I wonder why that is… My favorite is the third picture. I love the server walking in front of the dancers blowing her cheeks out. This image definitely screams for a caption contest.
Halftime! Montel Jordan decided to come out and show us that “This is How We Do It.” I got the message back in the 90’s. Thanks Montel. It’s sad, but I actually watched him climb past me after halftime into seats way higher than mine. Yep, I had better seats than Montel Jordan. That’s how I do it. img_4897.jpg
Rocky the mountain nugget

Here’s a picture of Rocky the Cougar – the Denver Nuggets mascot working the crowd. Now I get that “nuggets”, “the Rocky mountains”, and “cougars” are all part of the Colorado allure, but where’s the consistency in message? What does Rocky the Cougar have to do with the Denver Nuggets? At least we have a Bronco mascot to represent our BSU Broncos in Boise…
Here’s a couple more random shots from the game. The first is a compare and contrast. I noticed a man of short stature in a Nuggets uniform standing near my seat the whole game. I never saw him do anything but stand there, but that was interesting enough for me to snap a picture. The second picture is of the Nuggets’ coach, George Karl. He used to coach my favorite team, the Seattle Sonics back when I lived in Washington. His son, Coby Karl was the star forward on the Boise State basketball team a few years back and was actually on the Lakers team until he was cut before the start of the current season. It would have been interesting to see his dad coaching the team he was playing against, but alas…


That’s it for Day 1! After the game, we moseyed back to the hotel by the airport and crashed in anticipation of our early flight the next morning. Day 2 is going to be a long day.

2 Responses to “Greece – Day 1”

  1. on 08 Nov 2008 at 11:13 am Kristi Wellman

    I can’t believe you saw the Lakers. I am so jealous! Thanks for blogging your trip. I love your trips because I can travel vicariously through you. I look forward to the rest. Have a fun and be safe.

  2. on 15 Mar 2009 at 11:23 pm mike harris

    I put your blog to my facebook favourite sites.

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