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Steroids, Baseball, and our misguided Congress

It’s big news. You can’t have missed it unless you’ve been living under a rock the past decade. Baseball players are using STEROIDS! Oh, the horror! Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds (alleged), Roger Clemens (alleged), Mark McGwire (alleged), etc, etc. They’re all doping up! Something must be done! This has got to stop!

I agree… sort of.

Okay okay, I don’t really care. It’s baseball… it’s a sport. Sure, using illegal performance enhancing drugs is uh… ILLEGAL and baseball is America’s pastime, but can’t they handle this matter internally? Aren’t private and police investigations enough?

Why the HELL does Congress have to get involved? Why are we having congressional hearings to investigate who’s doping in Baseball? Why are we wasting federal tax dollars on this? Doesn’t congress have better things to investigate? I sure think so. Let’s look at some of the unresolved ILLEGAL activities that our Congress has yet to prosecute fully:

  • The Valerie Plame CIA leak: Sure Scooter Libby took the fall for this, but what about all of the other KNOWN players? Why is Karl Rove still a free man?
  • Illegal Wiretapping: Bush authorized it, NSA executed it, and multiple telecom companies were complicit. It was ALL illegal. Has anyone been prosecuted? No.
  • Waterboarding: It’s torture, any idiot can see that. So why haven’t the perpetrators been brought to justice?
  • Suspension of Habeus Corpus: We are illegally detaining people all over the world under the dubious suspicion of terrorist activities and branding them as enemy combatants in order to revoke their right to due process. Habeus Corpus is one of the KEY rights built into the founding of this country. Why is our government so afraid of prosecuting these “criminals” using due process in an American court of law? Why the hell isn’t our congress doing anything about this?
  • Lying us into a war in Iraq: We know quite well now that there was no connection between Al Quaida and Iraq. We also know that the Bush administration knew this when we went to war. The Downing Street Memo is a smoking gun: “the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy”. Why aren’t we investigating this? Where are the impeachment hearings?
  • Lying under oath: When Clinton does it, it’s a big multi-million dollar investigation brouhaha. He lied about cheating on his wife. Alberto Gonzales lied about the U.S. attorney firings. Has anyone brought him to justice? No. At least Chuck Schumer is trying. I applaud that.
  • Abu Ghraib: The highest ranking officer convicted of a crime in relation to this scandal was a Sergent. Are we expected to believe that nobody of higher rank in the Army or our Government was aware of these abuses? Congress let everyone off the hook. I’m looking at you Mr. Rumsfeld.

This list goes on and on, but to me, this short list seems like MORE than enough to illustrate that Congress has more important things to focus it’s efforts and our tax dollars on than who’s doping in Baseball.

I mean, COME ON…(sigh)

One Response to “Steroids, Baseball, and our misguided Congress”

  1. on 07 Feb 2008 at 10:21 am john kennedy

    wacko conservatives! I resemble that remark! You know this Congressional committee is made up of a bi-partisan panel. I would simply point to the fact that Congress has a lower approval rating than Bush. Now that, Mike, is hard to accomplish!

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