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October 2007

This book condones the death of innocents!

I recently saw the following article on MSNBC.com:

Oklahoma lawmakers object to donated Qurans

Basically, the article says that some Oklahoma lawmakers have been returning donated Quarans because they object to the violence against innocents described in it. The books were donated by a diversity council that is trying to promote cultural and religious understanding.

Now I’m no fan of the Qaran, but I’m no fan of the Bible either. Using the argument that the Quran promotes violence against innocents is dodgy and hypocritical at best. These are the same lawmakers who legislate with a Bible in their hands and tried to put Intelligent Design courses in the public schools. Let’s review some of the Bible’s finer moments:

  • What is the penalty for working on the Sabbath? Being stoned to death! (Exodus 35:2, 15:32-36)
  • How should parents treat a stubborn and rebellious son? Stone him to death! (Deuteronomy 21:18-21, Exodus 21:17, Leviticus 20:9)
  • What happens if you are not a virgin on your wedding night? You get stoned to death! (Deuteronomy 22:13-21)
  • What does the Bible say about witches? Kill them (stoning method optional)! (Exodus 22:18, Leviticus 20:27)

I could go on and on. The Bible (particularly the Old Testament) is full of passages that advocate mass killings, child sacrifice, misogyny, polygamy, and other acts that most modern societies would condemn as immoral. Yet you don’t see any lawmakers ANYWHERE returning any donated Bibles.

This isn’t about condemning a book because it features acts of violence. It’s about condemning a book that represents a religion other than Christianity. It’s religious discrimination, pure and simple, and anyone who claims to be a public servant of the free American peoples should be ashamed of such behavior.

PS – Before you start posting arguments defending the Bible, consider the fact that the same arguments could just as easily be used to defend the Quran.

Paris Trip – Day 10

Winding down, winding down… Hello friends, and welcome to day 10 of my Paris trip blog. Only one more day to go before I have to say au revoir to the lovely city of Paris and head on home. Today was another leisurely day. I went to a fancy lunch at the Place de Vosges and then spent the afternoon at the Louvre. Yup, I HAD to go back. (Okay, click away.)


Welcome to the “Oh God, I’m an Atheist” section! I’d like to clarify a few assumptions before I get started, so please read this first before moving on to my other articles.

Paris Trip – Day 9

Welcome to the ninth day of my trip to Paris! I hope you have enjoyed tagging along with me on the journey so far. Today was another lazy day. I got up, looked outside, and saw that it was pouring rain. So I laid around the pad with a cup of coffee and worked on my blog. The rain was still coming down when the afternoon rolled around, so I decided to brave it and go check out the Musee D’Orsay. Later on in the evening, we went to a local Moroccan themed restaurant for some good eating. Anyway, prepare for more pictures of art, and, of course, more boobies too! (Okay, you can click the link now.)