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September 2007

Paris Trip – Day 8

Welcome to day 8! I don’t have too much for today as I slept half of it away (hey, I’m not a morning person). In the afternoon I walked around the corner to the Musée de Picasso. Later on in the evening we caught an exotic strip show at the Crazy Horse. Of course you want to read on! (So click the link, click NOW.)

Paris Trip – Day 7

Welcome to day 7! Today we went to the old Paris Opera House, the Arc de Triomphe, and L’Orangerie museum. We also did a little grocery shopping in the morning (good sample of French culture in action). Off we go! (That’s your cue to click the link.)

Paris (er… Chartres) Trip – Day 6

Today was a leisurely trip by train out to the French countryside to visit the charming town of Chartres. I don’t have a whole lot of pictures today, because we took it pretty easy (that, and I just wasn’t as snap-happy as usual). Anyway, enough with the introduction. I WILL say that this entry is free of pictures of naked people. I DO have a picture of a urinal though… So let’s get clicking!

Paris Trip – Day 5

Bonjour! Today was spent at the Louvre. It’s an absolutely gigantic museum, so I’ll tell you now that I only scratched the surface. If I have time this trip, I hope to go back again before I leave. This time I focused primarily on 16th and 17th century paintings (and any nearby stuff that looked cool). As usual, beware of boobies. Let’s get started! (That means put your mouse on the link and click it! <wink>).

Paris Trip – Day 4

Bienvenue! Day 4 was spent walking through Bastille Square, the Jewish section of Paris, and then all over the Pompidou museum of modern art. So without further ado…

By the way, if you didn’t read yesterday’s warning about cleavage creators and muff mounders then do so now. It only gets better from here on out (read: worse if you’re easily offended). Ok, enough preamble. Me likey you clicky-clicky.

Paris Trip – Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of my trip to Paris! Let me start off this entry with the following:

WARNING! The following journal entry contains pictures of (gasp!) boobies and hoo-hoo dillys. Also known as chesticles and beavers, or melons and cooters… if you get my drift. Paris is chock-o-block full of nude images. You can’t avoid it. They’re on billboards, television, and statues mounted on every corner. Paris is a place for artists, and they celebrate the beauty of the human body (yay!). If you completely obtuse and do not appreciate the splendor of a beautiful naked woman (or man), then turn away… this blog (and pretty much all the blogs yet to come on this trip) are NOT for you. Hell, PARIS isn’t really for you. And if this note does in fact, turn you away, why did you get to know me in the first place? I mean, it’s pretty obvious that I like dirty pillows and bearded clams…

ANYWAY… let’s get down to business! (That means click the link – you know you want to see ta-tas and pink tacos…)

Paris Trip – Days 1 – 2

Welcome to my Paris travel diary! My plan is to post the details of my Paris escapades THE SAME DAY that I experience them. Well, maybe a day later… or maybe two days… You know I’m quite the procrastinator. Anyway, I got right to work on the first two days! Let’s get started! (That’s your cue to make with the clicky-click)