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August 2007

Bow down to the Poker God! (yeah…)

So I went down to Club Savvy’s poker night* last Wednesday only to discover that it was finals night in the tournament. I’d only played a few times before. I usually ran out of chips before the first break but I did get one top 10 and one top 5 finish in during those weeks.

Anyway, I dealt the first table which sucked because I was so nervous about dealing correctly that my play suffered. When we went to two tables I got on a roll and won a number of big hands. I went to the final 10 table about fifth in the chip rankings. By this time, the blinds were so high that most people were close to all-in if they even call the blind. One losing hand could be fatal. I have two in a row, but then somehow survive 3 successive all-in’s dark on the big blind. Later on I go all-in with A3 on a 234 flop. I’m called and lose to a 3/4 and limp away with just 3 chips (I need 10 for the big blind). Then I suck out again, and again dark on the blinds. After that I actually have a large chip stack and use it to bully the other two opponents out of the game. I win the final hand with pocket 5’s.

Now I’m well aware that luck was the primary factor in me taking first. I won an unusual number of hands in the dark. However, that is the nature of the final table. If you’re not the chip leader, you’re pretty much all in on any hand you play, which makes it damn hard to work any skill into your playing. But I digress… My prize for finishing first is a certificate good for a $100 bar tab.

Behold! For I am a POKER GOD!!**

*The Savvy’s Poker God tournament is a free poker game down at Club Savvy’s on most Wednesdays at 7pm. There is no actual money involved. Everyone gets a chip stack and we play tournament rules. The sponsor and the club provide modest prizes to the top finishers every week and some pretty nice prizes on finals night.

**Well… technically a Savvy’s Poker God Tournament Champion… until the next finals.

Check out THIS setup…

My friend Damien and I created the design for a three-piece shale board poker top that would rest on top of my pool table. I came up with the idea. Damien did most of the designing and assembly work. I picked the materials and purchased the supplies. A couple weeks later we had this:

Pretty cool huh? It can seat twelve and each player gets their own chip tray and cup holder. I use twelve counter-height stools as seats for the players. The two end pieces weigh 50lbs and the center piece weighs about 35lbs.