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Sicily Trip – Day 0: Denver

Welcome to the first entry in my journal about my trip to Sicily. Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “uh Mike, Denver is in Colorado… not Italy,” and you’d be right! So a little backstory… I live in Idaho and my mom lives in Colorado. Since we’d be traveling together to Sicily, I flew down to meet her in Denver so we’d catch the same plane ride across the ocean. The travel agency has this mega-complicated matrix they use to get the cheap flights, so if you’re not flying out of the same city there’s little chance you’ll be flying together.

So anyway, I caught a short morning flight down to Denver and we spent the afternoon at the brand-spanking new Denver Art Museum (aka DAM for short – What do you do when you have a few hours to kill downtown? You DAM it, oh yeah). It was pretty darned impressive, so I thought I’d catalog a few of my favorite shots below. Don’t worry, my flight for Sicily leaves the next morning. We’ll be looking at Italy pics in no time. I decided to use thumbnails in the main article. Just click on any one of them to see the pic in it’s full semi-high res glory.

This is an outdoor shot of the Art Museum from the front. I just ate at some frau frau deli around the corner. Even the food has to be artistic.
This is um… a GIANT broom and dustpan (notice nearby sign for scale). I had to take a picture of it. I mean… it’s a GIANT dustpan. If it had a few cat turds in it, it could even be my GIANT dustpan.
This is a shot of the main stairwell. The sunlight at the top is the tip of the left “spike” shown in the first image. All the wall panels randomly display digital numbers from 0 to 9. I have no idea what it means, but it looked pretty cool.
Alone, we are nothing but unassuming metal twiggy thingies… but with our powers combined we become the mighty… STICK MAN!!! Behold us! In our nifty mid-explosion art gallery glory!
This is a Picasso-like rendition of a violin done by some guy who’s not Picasso. I probably liked it because it reminded me of a similar painting of a coffee cup I did back in high school.
This is my favorite shot of the bunch. I snapped a pic of the Denver skyline from the balcony of the museum. The overhead “spike” frames it nicely.
It’s hard to tell from the picture, but this artwork is made up of thousands (millions?) of dots (individual paint droplets). It has a very rough-looking texture and is quite large and impressive.
I know what you’re thinking. “Ooh, Mike took a picture of a picture of a skull and a can and some other random stuff. Whoppedy doo.” But it’s not a picture of a picture. It’s a picture of a photo-realistic painting. Now who’s impressed? Ok, well I was.
Woo hoo! An oversized sculpture of an “oversized” anime chick with next to no clothing on! This is by some japanese artist (duh) and was part of a private collection on display. I found out it was a private collection when the very large security guard chased me out of the room for taking pictures. Oh well, I still got one. Lovely, isn’t she?

After the museum, we drove to Boulder for an entertaining performance of “Crazy For You” at the Boulder Dinner Theatre. The dinner was a nice chicken cordon bleu and the waiter seemed friendly enough. Then to my surprise, when the show started… there he was on stage singing and dancing. Apparently the cast is responsible for keeping my water topped off as well as entertaining me. I felt semi-embarrassed and ended up tipping him a bonanza (for me). But then again, I guess that’s their schtick. All in all, a lovely evening.

Well folks, that’s it for day 0 (I say Day 0 because the itinerary for the trip actually starts the next day). Stay tuned for more updates as we’re just kicking off the coverage of this 13 day trip. Don’t worry, I’ll lump some of the days together – I didn’t take any pictures of the long boring plane rides.

Also, I stole the pics my mom took on this trip and I’ll be displaying some of them along with my own in the future updates. Let’s face it, she’s got a better camera and she’s a better photographer. Besides, you want to see some pics with me in them too right? (humor me)

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  1. on 15 Feb 2007 at 11:27 am Jessica

    AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to read more!

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