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Quit dumping your crap on my lawn!

Ever come home and notice a “newspaper” in your driveway? I don’t subscribe to any newspapers so I know every single one of these is just a bunch of advertisements. Now I know everyone with something to sell is desperate to get my attention, but at least have the decency to pay postal fare for it and put it in my mailbox. That way I can just conveniently throw it away with the credit card offers and the pleas to save the starving children of Africa.

In my mind, this is nothing more than littering and should be illegal. Maybe it is illegal and the advertisers just don’t care. Shame on them! Shame on them… (sigh).

The pic above is of a house in my neighborhood. It is currently unoccupied so it is easy to see the cumulative effects of this wasteful dumping. I say to the following:

  • coupons and advertisements disguised as newspapers
  • phonebooks (honestly, who uses these anymore?)
  • door-hangers and leaflets shoved in door-jams

You are all EVIL and you are all officially on notice! If I ever find out where your lawn is, rest-assured… I’ll leave some steaming crap of my own on it.

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