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Songs From Shopmart: B-Sides

  1. Chimes

    I actually really like this song, but the original cut was just too short to make the album (I had this crazy idea that the album had to be exactly 12 songs and over an hour in length – why? I haven’t a clue). Also, I would need to redo it because there are some operator glitches (read: I screwed up) in the live mix.

  2. Roll Over Bach

    I theorize that the Beatles tune, “Roll Over Beethoven” is named as such because if Beethoven could hear modern rock and roll, he’d roll over in his grave. This tune takes some punchy orchestra sounds and makes them into a techno song. Surely it’s enough to make Bach roll over in his grave if he ever heard it.

  3. Uber Swanky

    This song originally had a different title, but I forgot what it was. I like the beginning of it, but by the end there’s simply too many tracks playing at once and it doesn’t sound all that great.

  4. Funkgae

    This song transitions from a reggae beat to a funky beat and back (thus the name). While the concept is interesting, the transition doesn’t work out as well as I would have liked.

  5. Wicked Style

    The song is named for the repeating “What a wicked style” sound bit. I liked the way the drill sound worked out but overall, this song was a little too cliche’ and boring to make the final cut.

  6. Worldly Tutor

    This is a live-mix that I actually really liked. Unfortunately, the trickling water effect made me feel like I needed to urinate and doesn’t work well through the whole song. I tried remixing it, but couldn’t quite get the same mix as this attempt and eventually gave up.

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