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The Adventures of Joe: Space Ranger Action Hero 2


And this story begins with a boom. What was once a small, homely shack on the surface of a barren moon is now a small burning inferno on the surface of a barren moon. Moments after the shack spontaneously bursts into flames, a gallant looking young man comes diving through the door of the shack and crashes to the ground in an impressive tumbling roll. After smothering his burning clothes out on the barren ground, the young man slowly stands up and assumes a questioning, yet heroic pose as he wipes the ashes of his shack off his manly shoulder pads. The man seems unfazed and unaffected by the sudden bursting turn of events. And that is only because this man is a hero. He is the hero to save and stupefy all other heroes. He is Joe: Space Ranger Action Hero, and he has a quirky one liner.

“I wonder how that’ll affect my real estate value.”

(Zoom in the cameras for a quick facial and then zoom out into a fade. Roll the flashy credits and play the theme song contracted from a popular musical artist. Include scenes from the previous story and highlight all of the high drama and ass-kicking pans.)

Joe’s back, and he’s ready to kick some moonshine!

Dun Dun DUN!!

The Adventures of Joe: Space Ranger Action Hero II

The Search For Mr. Smith


upon a time,

In a galaxy nearby,

there was this guy, Joe: Space

Ranger Action Hero. He kicked the

bad guy’s ass in nine pages flat and made it back

in time for an afternoon Big Action Hero Space Meal.

But now another threat threatens the safety of Joe’s galaxy and he must

respond to the desperate cries for help which will surely erupt in this poorly

concocted sequel so that Joe may employ the same tricks he used in the last story to

try and entertain the audience once again. Be prepared for an onslaught of rehashed thrills

and reused plot twists as we face: The Search for Mr. Smith!                                             

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