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Songs From Shopmart

  1. Warp
    I envisioned a storyline to this one. The beginning is everyone getting ready to “warp” (imagine some dramatic scene from a generic B+ sci-fi movie), then the countdown, then the euphoria of being in another dimension, then the tumultuous ride home. A lot like riding Space Mountain at Disney World.
  2. City Lights Groove
    This is a mellow track. I envisioned riding in the car at night looking at the lights of the city go by.
  3. Bone Dragon
    This song has hard-hitting beats that are rough around the edges. Kind of like a bone dragon (fantastically speaking).
  4. Euphoria
    One of my favorites. I think it has a euphoric sound to it (thus the name). I incorporated lots of volume and reverse mixing to the tracks to generate the effect.
  5. Raphaelo’s Magical Techno Wand
    An ode to the Magician’s Apprentice. Instead of Mickey Mouse, you have Raphaelo who has stolen the techno wand. Each use of the wand causes the beat to change.
  6. Nightstyle
    Another mellow track.
  7. Tragic Dream
    This one is a more mellow trance-like song.
  8. Illusion
    This is probably the most generic-sounding song on the album. It’s also one of the first ones I put together.
  9. Vapors
    This one drags on a bit longer that it probably should. I like the core beat though.
  10. Lightning’s Chorus
    I almost called this “Electabuzz’s Dream”, but most people wouldn’t get it and those who did would realize how utterly lame I am.
  11. Techromancer
    It’s a techno necromancer. Get it? Try to imagine a bunch of corpses rising from the grave for an all night party. Halfway through the song, the head-honcho Zombie-Demon guy rises from the dead and the music gets much more dramatic. Well, that’s the intent anyway. Notice the 12 tolls of the bell at the beginning for midnight, and 6 at the end for 6AM in the morning.
  12. Hot Latin Air
    This was the “bonus track” on the album. The name says it all. It has quite a catchy beat, but it’s unlike any other song on the album, thus the “bonus” designation.

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