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October 2006

Teen Angst Kills!

I hate teen angst. That whole “Life is so hard. You just don’t understand!” outlook on life just drives me bat-guano crazy. Get this:

  • Suspect – 16 year old Louise Egan Brunstad
  • Weapon – Mercedes Benz (obviously she’s rich)
  • Motive – She was denied lesbian fun-time with a classmate at her private Holy Innocents Episcopal School

Read it and weep: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15349057

My response? Oh boo-fricken-hoo! Sure my life growing up wasn’t all peaches and cream, but I was grounded enough to know better than to believe that my life was horrible and nobody else understood me.

Before they send this little tot to jail, she needs a good spanking and a healthy dose of reality!

Thoughtful gift ideas

“Melancholy Jesus looks up at you with eyes full of sorrow, yes, he hates it when you smoke.”

More thoughtful gift ideas for your overly religious friends can be found at: www.misspoppy.com. Check it out!

Songs From Shopmart: B-Sides

Here are the B-Side tracks that I created while working on Songs From Shopmart. In my mind, they just weren’t good enough to make it onto the “album”. But fear not, I’ve amassed them here so you can judge for yourself. If you thought the album was bad, wait till you get a load of these…

The Adventures of Joe: Space Ranger Action Hero 2

Ah, Joe the sequel. Sequels are so much fun. They’re bigger, flashier, and… bigger and flashier. Ok, so there’s no substance, but that’s the joke right? Or is it? Does the sequel take the Joe excitement to another level? Or does it just get bogged down in the debilitating sickness that is sequelitous? To find out, read on… (ha ha! Sucker.)

The Adventures of Joe: Space Ranger Action Hero 2.5

This is the “art piece” episode of Joe and not really a true sequel (thus the 2.5). Of course, it’s as true as a sequel gets in the Joe universe and the concept is all a part of the joke. I think this is the best of the Joe stories, but as LeVar Burton says, “Don’t take MY word for it.”

Choose Your Own Misguided Youth

Remember those old Choose Your Own Adventure stories? Well how about one in cheesy poem form? Teen angst never looked so stupid.

Songs From Shopmart

This is a techno album I put together during my year of worthlessness. I named myself “Mike Nefarious.” Catchy eh? It is the only thing I have to show for the time of inactivity between the time I graduated college and formally entered the working class. It’s kind of silly, kind of blah, kind of generic… but it’s mine and I’m still proud of it. Take a listen.

Hell’s Game

A dark piece that presents an alternative vision of Hell. It’s a story within a story within a story. Each shell has it’s own mirror (a reflection of reality). Don’t read this if you are easily offended.