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September 2006

Lime Jello

A whimsical piece. This is a stab at doing a satire of a fable or fairy tale. I hope you get a couple chuckles out of it.

Mind Over Matters

A very serious, and somewhat lengthy short story. It has a science fiction base and explores the meaning of identity and our place in the universe. This is one of my favorite pieces, so I hope you’ll take the time to read it.


Something slightly erotic for all the senses.


Got any lovable oafs in your life?

Look In First

A little prayer to myself.


A very structured poem. I put a lot of thought into the cycles and word choices. Can you see all the connections?

Mike and I

This is a poem I wrote about my struggle to differentiate my inner self from the persona I act out day to day. I owe a credit to Jorge Luis Borges on this one.